Atlanta Hawks: Mid-season grades for all the offseason signings

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Atlanta Hawks offseason signing grade No.6) Rajon  Rondo

If this article was being written a month ago, it would have been hard to have given Rajon Rondo any grade at all. He was so ineffective on the court that Brandon Goodwin had gone past the two-time NBA champion in the Hawks rotation.

It is not that Rondo is trading on glory too far in the past, he was a crucial part of the Los Angeles Lakers championship run last season. However, the quality of his play with the Hawks is less than stellar.

Rondo has been battling knee soreness which is always going to be tough to play through. In fact, Rondo was inactive for the first two games, played the next two, and then had six games out. Then, starting in the middle of February Rondo had another seven games on the sideline.

When he has been on the court, Rondo has been trying to push the ball too hard in certain situations, dribbling into the teeth of the defense and then not giving himself an outlet to get the ball out, often turning it over.

As veterans like Danilo Gallinari have come back into the squad, Rondo has looked better. He always looks like a better player when he has experienced teammates on the floor who instinctively know where to go to get the pass. The Hawks are going to want a better return for their investment on Rondo after the All-Star break.

Offseason signing grade: D