Atlanta Hawks: The pros and cons of trading Rajon Rondo for Lou Williams

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports /
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Atlanta Hawks
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports /

The Atlanta Hawks traded Rajon Rondo for Lou Williams and two future second-round picks just minutes before the trade deadline according to Woj of ESPN. This trade appears to be another effort by the Hawks to fix their scoring issues when their superstar, Trae Young, goes to the bench.

The Hawks signed Rondo in the offseason on a two-year deal. He has missed large periods of the season due to injury and when he has hit the court, Rondo has been less than impressive. He has not had the players around him who are able to maximize his talents.

Rondo is a terrific playmaker, who can make incredible passes to open teammates that not many other players have the skill to make. This can open up the floor for his driving game which is where he is at his best. He can score close to the rim or kick the ball out to an open shooter.

Why the Atlanta Hawks and Rajon Rondo did not gel.

Rondo has won two championships during his time in the league. Each time he has had some of the best players in the league around him. When he won the title with the Boston Celtics he had Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen who were able to finish the plays that Rondo started.

Last season he had LeBron James and Anthony Davis who were able to do the same. Rondo is a fine point guard but he needs players around him who are truly elite. Coming off the bench for the Hawks, Rondo was not playing with the elite level players who he needs to help him run a team.