Atlanta Hawks: Trae Young just loves playing the Chicago Bulls

The Atlanta Hawks beat the Chicago Bulls and this guaranteed them a place in the play-in tournament with seven games left in the season. While this is a great accomplishment considering how far back the Hawks were last season, they are not done yet. They are looking to qualify directly for the playoffs, hoping for the fourth seed.

After the three-game losing streak, it was good to see the Hawks pull this one out of the fire that was the first half of the game. So how did they manage this? Well, they welcomed back Bogdan Bogdanovic and Kevin Huerter but there was another huge factor that influenced the game.

That factor was the play of Trae Young. The superstar point guard lives rent-free in the heads of the Bulls guards this season. In the three-game series, Young has been simply unstoppable, leading the Hawks to three big wins.

The Atlanta Hawks have been riding Trae Young’s play against the Chicago Bulls.

The Hawks star has taken his play to another level against the Bulls this season. He has averaged more points against the Bulls this season than any other franchise, with the exception of the Wizards who he has only played once, where he scored 41 points in that game.

Against the Bulls, Young has averaged 37.3 points, 7.7 assists, and 5.7 rebounds in just 33.2 minutes per game. However, it is not just the raw numbers that Young is averaging which are impressive, it is how he is getting them.

He has a true shooting percentage of 81.6 percent against the Bulls. Yes, you read that right, 81.6 percent. Young has made 34-of-51 from the floor, 10-of-20 from deep, and 34-of-40 from the line. This equates to 66.7 percent from the floor, 50.0 percent from deep, and 85.0 percent from the line.

The problem for the Bulls is that they do not have anyone who is talented enough to guard Young. Their two previous defensive stoppers, Kris Dunn and Tony Snell, both now play for the Hawks. Until they get someone who can defend him, Young is going to feast against the Bulls for seasons to come which makes life easier for his teammates too.