Atlanta Hawks: Three cheap free agents to replace Onyeka Okongwu

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports /
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Atlanta Hawks
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Atlanta Hawks free agent center No. 2) Hassan Whiteside

After finding fame coming out of the G-League to becoming a true force at the center position for the Miami Heat, Hassan Whiteside seemed to struggle under the size of his contract. So much is expected of you when you earn in excess of $20 million per season.

He was traded to the Portland Trail Blazers for the final season of his deal as they were missing Jusuf Nurkic due to injury. He played well for the team but was not quite what the Blazers needed. Nurkic has the ability to be a playmaker, Whiteside does not.

However, the Hawks run most of their plays traditionally through the point guard position, meaning that all their centers need to do is set the pick, and roll to the hoop. Young and Williams will then make the right play for the team to score.

Whiteside only earned $2.3 million last season with the Kings. If the Hawks came with an offer that was similar then they would have a chance of securing Whiteside’s services. If all that he is required to do is block shots, rebound and finish at the rim then Whiteside would be a good investment for a season.