Atlanta Hawks : 3 improvements Clint Capela needs to make

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Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports /
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Atlanta Hawks offseason improvement for Clint Capela No.1) Improving his free throw shooting

The one thing that has been a constant struggle in Capela’s career is he isn’t a good free-throw shooter, most traditional centers aren’t. In his career, Capela is a career 53.4% free throw shooter, with the Hawks in the regular season he shot 57% but in the post season that dropped to 43%. Then there were crucial times in certain games when he missed key free throws. free throws are a shooting skill and that hasn’t been something a part of Capela’s skillset.

If you think about it, if he shot the way he shot in the regular season during the postseason, it may have made a difference in some games. Regardless, Capela has to improve this and be more consistent. Capela in the regular season only shot 3.6 free throw attempts a game, in the postseason 2.2 attempts.

So he needs to take advantage when sent to the line. Ideally, he should aim for being at 60% or higher. Teams may target him late in games if it doesn’t improve to take advantage of this situation. Which also could lead to him being taken off the floor as well. The last thing you want is teams doing hack-a-Capela.

If he can make that improvement, that can do wonders for this Hawks team. In the playoffs, sometimes games are won and lost at the free-throw line. I know Capela will try to make sure he doesn’t end up being the reason why they could lose but rather why they win that battle.