Atlanta Hawks : 3 improvements Clint Capela needs to make

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports /
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Atlanta Hawks offseason improvement for Clint Capela No.2) develop a more refined inside game

Now, If you do an overview of Capela’s career, he has never been asked to really develop an offensive game on the inside. When he was in Houston with James Harden and Mike D’Antoni, all they asked for him to was clean up the boards and score on put-backs and dunks. If you know the way they played basketball, the center in a D’Antoni system isn’t at all a focal point.

The Hawks still asked Capela to do the same thing but he did have more opportunities to score on more one-on-one situations. Then in the playoffs, he struggled to get the ball in the hoop at times and really didn’t have an inside game he could go to. Capela just needs to develop a post move or shot of some sort. That to me can open up his game even more and help the team. The Hawks will usually have shooters on the floor, so the opportunities will be there.

Capela had a total of 136 FGA in the playoffs and 126 of those attempts were within 5ft of the basket. He shot 60% overall but shooting that close you would like to see that be closer to 70%. So, potentially adding a move in addition to all the dunks and put-backs, Capela could become a bit of a sneaky weapon in the paint.

Capela is capable of doing just that. Let’s not forget the last off-season he was rehabbing and covid happened, so he wasn’t able to really play basketball until this season. This off-season he can get in the gym and work on his game with the entire team. He may come back next year with this as an added piece to his game.