Atlanta Hawks : Grading the three-team Delon Wright trade

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Atlanta Hawks trade partner No. 2) Sacramento Kings

While for a moment it looked like the Hawks were going to get Thompson to back up their starting big man Clint Capela. This would have been a sound strategy, however, what they did also works, getting Delon Wright instead.

This move was an incredibly savvy one for the Kings to make. They are facing the prospect of having to re-sign Richaun Holmes in free agency. While the Kings were not good again last season, when Holmes was on the court he made the team better.

With the Kings securing the services of Thompson they have a solid center who can start for the franchise in the event of Holmes choosing to play elsewhere. However, if Holmes does re-sign then the Kings have made it possible to move Marvin Bagley III so they can get something back for the former third pick in the 2018 BA draft.

Moving Wright was also a good move. The Kings have some tremendous depth in their guard rotation. They have Buddy Hield, De’Aaron Fox, Tyrese Haliburton, and the newly drafted Davion Mitchell. Wright was certainly going to lose court time which would have been a terrible waste of $8.5 million worth of cap space.

Sacramento Kings Grade – A