Atlanta Hawks : 3 improvements John Collins must make next season

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports /
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Atlanta Hawks offseason improvement for John Collins No.1) Improve in the post

Collins has worked on being a better scorer since coming into the league. We know he can shoot and can dunk with his great athleticism, the next step is developing a better post game. At times, Collins can settle with lower-percentage shots in the post instead of going up strong or taking full advantage of a mismatch.

Collins has options here because of his talent. Does he develop a move based on his athleticism like a spin move or does he maybe develop a more skillful move like a nice hook shot? Although it is a small sample size, Collins shot 10 of 13 when shooting a turnaround hook shot.

This move needs to help Collins create space for himself which will in turn help increase his chances of being more effective. Collins was unstoppable from 0-3 feet, shooting 72 percent from within the restricted area. However, Collins will probably want his paint number to go up, shooting at only 47 percent from the painted area.

Collins may even be able to add a fadeaway jump shot from the post since, he is one of the better jump shooters on the team. He already has a turnaround jumper, which he shot at 55.2% from on 58 attempts in the regular season. All of these suggestions are just potential tweaks and additions that Collins can add to improve his scoring from post position. If he gets the defense guessing it can go a long way for him.