Atlanta Hawks: 3 legends for De’Andre Hunter to study this offseason.

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Legends for Atlanta Hawks forward De’Andre Hunter to study this offseason No. 2) Clyde Drexler

Considered one of the greatest ever players ever to play for the Portland Trail Blazers, Clyde Drexler had a Hall of Fame career. Unfortunately for the Blazers, Drexler won his only championship the year that he was traded to the Houston Rockets.

However, that should not take away from what Drexler was able to achieve during his time with the Blazers. Most people remember Drexler for his offensive prowess, he averaged 20.4 points per game for his entire career. However, he was so much more than just a scorer.

One area that Drexler separated himself from other top-level scorers of his generation, was that he was also an elite playmaker, dishing out 5.6 assists. This is an area that Hunter could work on to help him with scoring by creating doubt in his opponent’s mind.

Currently, Hunter is scoring well on all three levels but he is letting himself down by only dishing out 1.9 assists per game. If he can get this number higher, he should be able to pass himself open to give him a better look at the hoop late in games. This is something Hunter will develop as his career progresses.