Atlanta Hawks: When does John Collins sit in the 2017 top-ten redraft

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Atlanta Hawks redrafting 2017 top 10) The second-round bolter Dillon Brooks

There are a number of surprises in any draft and in 2017 the biggest surprise was Dillon Brooks. Originally taken in the second round with the 45th pick, Brooks has shown what can be done if you apply yourself and work hard.

With the exception of his second season when he was injured and only played 18 games, Brooks has been a solid scorer for the Grizzlies. His versatility has also allowed him to move about in the starting lineup, playing wither wing position.

His value has improved so much over the four seasons that the Grizzlies are looking to potentially trade him if the price is right. This shows the value of a second-round pick, you can take a flier on a player and if they work out he helps the team and you look like a genius.

Brooks still has his issues, he has not improved his efficiency too much over time, in fact, his 3-point percentage was the worst it has been since he entered the league. What Brooks has done is increased the number of attempts on the basket and kept his field goal percentage reasonably steady.