Atlanta Hawks: Where does John Collins rank amongst top-10 active power forwards

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Atlanta Hawks: Jayson Tatum is a level up from John Collins, coming in at No. 3

When the Boston Celtics selected Jayson Tatum, they knew they were getting a very special player. However, instead of getting a key piece, they got a franchise cornerstone. In just four short seasons, Tatum has established himself as one of the elite players in the competition.

He has shown that he has the ability to create for himself as well as for others. He can shoot the ball very effectively from the perimeter and is also just as comfortable taking the ball to the hoop or stopping in the mid-range. He is a complete scorer.

However, it is not just his scoring that makes him such a good player. He is also one of the first to hit the floor chasing after a loose ball. The sickening collision between Tatum and Jaylen Brown just prior to the playoffs may have impacted their ability to compete in the postseason but the Celtics do not want Tatum any other way.

Tatum also has elite athleticism so he is able to impact the momentum of the game with a rim rocking dunk. He makes the right plays most of the time and is rarely out of a contest. Scarily he is also like to improve more so if Collins wants to be a max player, Tatum is the model he needs to emulate.