Atlanta Hawks: 3 goals for Solomon Hill in the 2020-21 season

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Atlanta Hawks goals for Solomon Hill No. 2) Stay switched on when on the court

Usually, the goals of a player at this time of the year include such things as to improve an individual skillset or change up their stats in some way or another. With Hill, yes he needs to change the way that he plays offense but there is something which he needs to do more than that.

He needs to stay switched on at all times when he is on the court, especially on the offensive end of the floor. He is almost always true to his task on defense, as this is where he has made a name for himself during his time in the league.

It is when the Hawks have the ball that Hill tends to switch off a little. He can be exasperating to watch at times. There have been a number of times where Hill has been in the wrong spot, causing the offense to break down or he has the ball and loses it in what can only be described as a boneheaded type play.

Without these types of plays, Hill has the potential to play more. He will never be an offensive threat but by staying focussed, he will not be as great of a liability.