Atlanta Hawks : 3 improvements Cam Reddish must make next season

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Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports /
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Atlanta Hawks offseason improvement for Cam Reddish No.1) Shooting

Reddish in his career is a 30.9 3-point shooter and shot only 26.2 percent from behind the long line this past year. He isn’t much of a threat from the perimeter, which he has to improve. Teams will let him take that shot until he shows he can make it consistently.

Reddish is already known as a slasher to the hoop. Opposition teams know this, so they will try to keep him from getting to the paint. Reddish should aim to be above 35.0 percent this year from beyond the arc. We have also seen when he gets hot he can find the stroke as he did in the Eastern Conference Finals.

He even can just develop a midrange shot as well. Reddish should look into being a threat at all levels to further make him a dangerous weapon offensive. Reddish only took 21 mid-range shots last year and shot them at 28.6 percent.

If he can add that part to his game, Reddish will be able to take full advantage of Trae Young and any other playmaker. This will make his dangerous all over the floor as Reddish at 6’8″ can get his own shot and shoot over defenders.

Reddish has the potential to be a16-20 points per game scorer with this team if given a bigger role. He just needs to put in the work and be more consistent with his overall game.