Atlanta Hawks: 3 goals for Lou Williams in the 2021-22 season

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Atlanta Hawks goal for Lou Williams No. 2) Stay above 40 percent from deep

One of the joys about having Lou Williams on your team is that you have one of the best bench shooters ever to play the game. On almost every team that he has played on, Williams has had a license to shoot from anywhere in the front third of the court.

This is because anyone who coaches Williams knows that he tends to make a good number of them, especially in the fourth quarter. Last season Williams was able to hit 44.4 percent of his looks from beyond the arc during his time with the Hawks last season.

There is a good chance that Williams may see a decrease in playing time next season given the way the Hawks were able to upgrade their roster during this offseason. This is understandable given that Williams is about to turn 35 years of age.

.Williams is still a master in the pick and roll as well as being a really good shooter from distance. This means that he will still have enough court time to make a difference but he is going to need to stay efficient. There are too many young studs knocking at the door for him to suffer too much of a shooting slump.