Atlanta Hawks: 3 legends for Danilo Gallinari to study

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Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports /
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Legends Atlanta Hawks forward Danilo Gallinari should study No. 3) Kevin McHale

The former member of the Boston Celtics, Kevin McHale was a 6’10’ offensively gifted power forward. He also spent his first five seasons coming off the majority of the time. He was the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year for two of those seasons. He was even an All-Star in one of those seasons that he came off the bench at the start of his career.

While he did not have the range on his shot that Gallinari has, he was such an effective player coming on as a sub. Two of the championships that the Celtics won during his time there were when he was the sixth man.

McHale went back to the bench towards the end of his career and he was still a very effective player. He was an All-Star twice in his final four years in the league despite only starting 36 games out of the 277 that he played.

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Now that the Hawks have managed to sign Collins to his five-year, $125.0 million deal, Gallinari looks likely to be the sixth man for the Hawks for the foreseeable future. studying how McHale was able to do this for such an extended time throughout his career will put Gallinari on the right track. If it helps to win a championship then this would be incredible.