Atlanta Hawks: Trae Young showing ridiculous range at home gym

Atlanta Hawks. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Atlanta Hawks. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

When the Atlanta Hawks signed Trae Young to his rookie-max extension, they knew they were going to get a player who was going to try anything to get better. Well, after he showed us that he truly lives for hoops by building a gym at home, Young has posted himself hitting a shot from behind the other 3-point line.

Yes, Young hit a shot from more than 3/4 quarter distance, which is not a good basketball play but is a tremendous asset at the end of the period. Young has already shown that he has incredible range by being the greater scorer in NBA history from the logo.

The scary thing is, to look at Young you would be hard-pressed to believe that he could make the distance given that he has such a small physique. The last player I saw make a shot from a similar distance in a game was Steven Adams whose physique is a little more impressive than Young’s.

No, Atlanta Hawks fans, do not be concerned about Trae Young shooting from this distance.

There would be very few fans concerned about Young pulling up from 80 feet to take a shot in a regular offensive set. Head coach Nate McMillan would sit him down so fast and probably start looking for a trade before the game was out.

However, with seconds left on the clock, if Young could work in his home gym on the 3/4 length shots, this could seriously give the Hawks some momentum heading into breaks. That could actually be huge for the Hawks next season.

Young is well known for pushing the boundaries on what is possible in the league and he also does everything that he can to make his game so much harder to defend. But Hawks fans, watch this space, you never know what Young will attempt to do next. The scary thing is, whatever it is, he has the talent to make it happen.

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