Atlanta Hawks: Storylines not to be missed in training camp – the guards

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports /

The Atlanta Hawks are less than a week away from opening training camp and there are so many storylines that are going to unfold. Thanks to their offseason signings they have some battles all over the court. We recently took a look at the storylines to follow amongst the centers.

The storylines to follow amongst the backcourt battles are also going to be fascinating. One thing is certain, Trae Young is going to be the starting point guard. He is the superstar of the team and he is the player who will dictate how far the Hawks go in the playoffs.

However, that is where the backcourt certainty ends. Bogdan Bogdanovic is the incumbent backcourt starter next to Young. However, the can be a case made for Cam Reddish to start beside him or even utilizing the versatility of Kevin Huerter in the starting unit.

The Atlanta Hawks have many more battles in the backcourt.

The Hawks have a tremendous problem to have. They have three players who are desperate to earn a full contract, all vying for time on the court. Skylar Mays has NBA experience from last season and would love to convert his two-way deal to a full contract.

Sharife Cooper is the other player on a two-way deal and he is reported to have an incredible work ethic. From what we saw in the most recent summer league, he is going to be a good rotation player in this league for a long time to come. He would also love a full deal to start his career.

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Adding more spice to this battle is A.J. Lawson who has been signed to a training camp deal and is looking to start his NBA career. All of these players are taking on the newly acquired Delon Wright who looks likely to be the preferred backup option and also professional scorer Lou Williams who is certainly going to get plenty of court time.