The Atlanta Hawks are one of the most exciting teams to watch

The Atlanta Hawks have the best young core in the NBA and it is the reason that 10 percent of NBA executives voted them as the most fun to watch. The thing is that the young Hawks are the third most exciting team to watch in the league according to the general managers.

The Brooklyn Nets received 30 percent of the vote given that they have their big-3 who are offensive geniuses. They also have some talented big men and exciting rookies that bring plenty to the table for the team.

The other team that was considered more fun to watch than the Hawks were the Golden State Warriors who received 17 percent of the vote. This is going to be the case as long as both of the Splash Bros remain a force in the league.

The Atlanta Hawks youth makes them so much fun to watch.

Whether it is the exciting play of Trae Young, the athleticism of a John Collins putback dunk, or the two-way play of De’Andre Hunter and Cam Reddish, the Hawks are exciting. Part of the reason for this is the unpredictability is the fact they are so young.

However, it is not just youth that is exciting about this squad, they have some great veterans who are helping the team to get wins. Youth and excitement are great but if the team does not win then it is not as exciting to watch.

Whether it is Bogdan Bogdanovic shooting the 3-ball, Clint Capela blocking shots, Danilo Gallinari with his complete offensive game, or Lou Williams making shots he should not be able to, the Hawks are good to watch. They also have the steady hand of Nate McMillan guiding them.

While the Hawks have not looked good in preseason, they are missing a large number of players through injury management. This has made it difficult for the squad to develop the chemistry required but rest assured when the regular season begins the Hawks will be exciting to watch,