Atlanta Hawks: Looking at the Tyler Herro … statement

The Atlanta Hawks had a pretty successful draft period in 2018 and 2019. They were able to land superstar Trae Young, super-sub Kevin Huerter in 2018. In 2019 they landed the massively underrated De’Andre Hunter and the solid two-way play of Cam Reddish.

However, reportedly, according to Tyler Herro himself, they missed out on a superstar when they left him on the draft board in 2019. You see, he said that his name should be in the category of Luka Doncic, Ja Morant, and Young.

I understand that pro athletes need to see themselves in the best light they can, they cannot go out on court believing that they are any less of a player than their opposition. However, this comment has the hallmarks of Draymond Green say that he is the best defender to ever play the game.

The Atlanta Hawks made the right call bypassing Tyler Herro.

Whether you believe in yourself that much or not, it is usually unwise to come out and say that you should be in that kind of company. Do you remember what John Collins did to Draymond Green a few days after he made his claim, Collins gave Green a basketball lesson.

Herro is a good player, there is no doubt about that but he is not in the conversation when it comes to the three future superstars in the league. Morant is the least accomplished of the three and he has taken the Memphis Grizzlies offense and is already their leader, having them in the mix for playoffs.

Doncic is All-NBA and is seen as one of the best players in the league right now. Without him, the Dallas Mavericks are missing the playoffs, he is so hard to stop as a player. To say that Herro is anywhere near this level is laughable.

Young is still the best point guard in his class, yes he is better than Doncic at leading a team. Look at what he did in last year’s playoffs for the Atlanta Hawks, and his passing game is lit. He has the ability to score at will and makes up for his lack of defense with his playmaking at the other end.

Herro might be saying that he is at the same level as these three stars in an effort to get the maximum extension he can at the end of the season. To put it bluntly, no franchise is going to make him their centerpiece, he is simply too inconsistent and struggles on the defensive end too much without being a superstar on offense to balance it out. He is not even among the best three players on his team.