The Atlanta Hawks offense still needs Trae Young to perform to win

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports /

The Atlanta Hawks have built their offense around point guard Trae Young and for good reason. The diminutive point guard has never finished lower than fourth in assists per game during his time in the league and has always been a top-level scorer.

However, it is not just his numbers which say how important Young is to this team. Everything that he does on offense is designed to put doubt in the mind of the opposition. This includes his shooting from the logoas the opposition has to extend their defense out much futher than against other point guards.

This creates space on the floor, particularly if the defense decides to double-team him, for his teammates to get open. Kevin Huerter has really benefitted from this and has worked out the best places to move to on the floor to get the open shot.

The Atlanta Hawks usually win when Trae Young performs well.

When Young scores 30 points in a game the Hawks have a 5-2 record with the only two losses coming on the road. They were against the Denver Nuggets and the Phoenix Suns which is understandable, givin how the two teams were playing at the time.

Conversly, when Young dows not reach the 30 point milestone the Hawks have gone 7-5 which shows just how much the offense revolves around Young. Interesting when he collects a double-double the Hawks are only 4-4 but all four of those losses were on the road when the Hawks were struggling.

As far as his efficiency goes, when Young hits 25.0 percent of his shots from beyond the arc the Hawks have a 2-4 record. This is the same record as when he shoots less than 36.5 percent from the floor.

The Atlanta Hawks have figured out how to use their depth. dark. Next

So what this means is that if Young is looking for his shots and making them, the Hawks have a much better chance of winning. He is able to involve the rest of his teammates which is a key to any team winning.