Should the Atlanta Hawks trade for Jerami Grant

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports /

Bleacher Report writer Greg Swartz has cooked up a number of trades for the NBA’s bottom teams. While he does not rank the Atlanta Hawks in that category he caught them in a trade with the Detroit Pistons, the team who beat the Hawks in their first overtime matchup of the season.

While this game served to stop the Hawks from achieving a really impressive feat for the season, it also reminded us of how well Jerami Grant plays the game of basketball. His athleticism is something special, particularly when you combine it with his shooting ability.

Against the Hawks Grant had another solid outing, scoring 23 points, to go along with four rebounds and two assists. He was the second star behind  Cade Cunningham who continued his impressive streak over the last eight games.

So, who would the Atlanta Hawks have to give up for Jerami Grant?

According to Swartz, the Hawks would need to give up Kevin Huerter and De’Andre Hunter if they wanted to secure the services of Grant. This is understandable from the Pistons’ perspective, they would need a piece that improves them, Hunter certainly would improve their defense.

Huerter who is becoming one of the best glue players in the league has to be included in this trade as he makes the salaries work. The problem is, that for the Hawks to give up both of these players who are tried and tested in the Hawks system would be too great of a cost.

The thing is, Swartz was not suggesting this trade to benefit the Hawks, he was suggesting ways for the Pistons to improve. He tries to suggest that Grant would be an intriguing option for the Hawks who would put them at the top of the East but given that the Hawks just signed Huerter to an extension and would be giving up two starters for one is problematic.

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So, should the Hawks go for this trade to get Jerami Grant? While it is certainly one that would change the Hawks lineup, they are giving up a little too much for the return. Grant’s expiring contract could mean that they also give up three and four years of guaranteed core players for a roll of the dice and potentially only one season from Grant.