Kyle Lowry has made himself Atlanta Hawks enemy No. 1

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports /

The Atlanta Hawks lost Game 2 in their first round matchup against the Miami Heat. They put up a much better performance than in the first game where they were obviously suffering from a play-in hangover which is totally understandable.

The Hawks increased their intensity and physicality and the Heat did not like it. There were several instances during this game which were borderline flagrant under the NBA’s rules but only one play by De’Andre Hunter on Kyle Lowry was even reviewed. Fortunately the referee’s called it as it was, a common foul.

However, there were so many plays throughout the first half which were questionable. Most of them involved Lowry who has a history of getting under player’s skins and trying to knock his opponent off their game.

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The Heat fanbase were right behind their team as you would expect. They love it when their team make life difficult for the opposition. The Hawks responded to this phisicality as a team. Hunter made a play at the ball which ended up with Lowry wearing an arm in a battle for the ball.

Lowry also tried to get into Young’s head early on when he was on the ground. He bumped him when Trae Young was against the stanchion. Young responded by reaching out and tripping Lowry, causing a foul to be called. This was an intelligent foul by Young because he showed that he was not going to be intimidated.

There were several other plays throughout the game where the Heat tried to get inside Young’s head. One time Tyler Herro tried to bump Young who just brushed past him like he was not even there, which is like Herro defending in a live game scenario.

The fact that Young did not even acklowledge his presence seemed to make Herro angier and he started mouthing with John Collins. The big man stepped up to defend his point guard until Young stopped him with a comment and a smile. It is moments like these that make Collins such a valuable team mate.

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All of this was started by Lowry who was trying to get in the heads of the Hawks players. He was also flopping, trying to convince the referees to get the Hawks in foul trouble. The Heat fans loved it but it is going to draw the ire of Hawks fans.  He has made himself Atlanta Hawks enemy No. 1 and is going to hear about it from the Hawks fans when he makes these kinds of plays.