Potential trade for the Atlanta Hawks for $60 M former second-round pick

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Atlanta Hawks trade No. 1 for Jerami Grant

The first trade that the Hawks may consider to obtain the services of Grant is a pure one-on-one swap. They would send Collins to the Pistons, in return they would receive Grant. This would actually work on a number of levels for the Hawks.

While Collins has shown that he is a genuine 20 points, 10 rebounds level of player in the right circumstances, he seemed a little lost at times, especially on offense. If Collins is to earn the bag he has been given he needs to be the true No.2 option on a team.

If he was to play for the Pistons then he would be a veteran leader on a really inexperienced squad. Collins knows his offensive strengths, and there are many, as evidenced by the fact he owns the second-best true shooting percentage for the Hawks franchise.

Grant is a tremendous second option for the Hawks’ offense. He has the ability to create his own shot and thanks to his athleticism, he is able to finish at the rim the same way Collins can. He also can help improve the Hawks’ defense which after this season has to be a priority for the team.