Should the Atlanta Hawks look to trade for Kenyon Martin Jr.

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports /

The Houston Rockets appear to be a team ready to go into a massive rebuild mode, it is kind of looking like The Process that the Philadelphia 76ers went through. As such, there are players who don’t want to experience this as it will have a negative impact on their game and possibly their contract value in the future. The Atlanta Hawks should be looking to pounce.

Kenyon Martin jr recently requested a trade from the Rockets, citing the potential lack of playing time given where the talent is in this draft. The top-three picks are all front-court players which means that Martin will probably be squeezed out of the rotation.

Several NBA teams are already expressing interest in the former No. 52 pick in the 2020 NBA draft. This is going to be the savior of his career as Martin neither of the next two seasons of his contract is guaranteed. He needs to be playing in order to earn his money,

The Atlanta Hawks could be a suitor for Kenyon Martin jr.

The Hawks need to reshape parts of their roster and while Martin’s teammate Eric Gordon should not be on their radar, the small forward could be an interesting trade target. Of course, this all depends on the rest of the offseason moves for the franchise.

If Jalen Johnson is used as part of any trade then the Hawks will need another cheap option at the forward position. Martin’s lack of a guaranteed deal will have him hungry to prove himself on the court which can only be a good thing for the Hawks who appeared to be lacking some of that hunger at times last season.

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As things stand at the moment, Martin would not upgrade to the Hawks roster. Johnson is by far the greater talent, despite the Hawks not using him much last season. However, if the Hawks trade him, then a hungry Martin could in fact be the answer and it may only cost the Hawks a second-round draft pick.