A three team trade that lands the Atlanta Hawks this $163 million superstar

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports /
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Atlanta Hawks
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports /

Why do the Los Angeles Lakers make this trade with the Atlanta Hawks?

The Lakers are looking to move on from Russell Westbrook just a season after they sold the farm to get him. To get some usable pieces back via trade would seem to be a fairly good deal for the franchise, particularly if they also fill a need.

By getting rid of Westbrook, they will probably see it as addition by subtraction. Like Al Horford with the Philadelphia 76ers, he is still a tremendous player but in the wrong system for his game. Is he still able to contribute to a team? Yes. Is that team the Lakers? No.

In Bogdanovic, the Lakers have a tremendous shooter who will space the floor for the rest of the team to go to work. He is also a secondary playmaker who can take the pressure off LeBron James as he has done for Trae Young throughout his tenure with the Hawks.

Collins would probably not stay with the team for very long. With Anthony Davis not wanting to play center and Collins should play as little time at center as possible. They would be able to flip Collins for another player or draft asset as they are not as invested as the Hawks in a haul for him.

The Lakers could also use Beverley to take some of the defensive pressure off the rest of the team. James is not getting any younger so taking any pressure off his shoulders will be worth the trade.