3 goals for Atlanta Hawks sophomore forward Jalen Johnson

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Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports /
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3 goals for Atlanta Hawks’ sophomore Jalen Johnson No. 1) Not play in the G League

Johnson spent a good part of the season playing for the College Park Skyhawks. There were calls by websites and fans for him to get some time with the varsity squad. However, coach Nate McMillan is more conservative than other coaches, he preferred Johnson to develop in the G League.

There was even a time when the Hawks were suffering from their yearly injury issues that Johnson could have gone on the road with the Hawks. He knew that there was little chance of getting playing time on the road trip so he decided to play with the Skyhawks, citing better development opportunities.

This showed a tremendous level of maturity of last season’s first-round pick. He grew so much as a player and a person last season. Now that he has shown the growth potential from last season, there is a good chance that he stays with the Hawks all season.

That needs to be the goal for Johnson, to stay with the varsity squad all season and not go back to the G League. If he can do this then he is a much better chance of garnering more and more court time throughout the season.