New Atlanta Hawks star Dejounte Murray showing he is a man of the people

Atlanta Hawks .Mandatory Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks .Mandatory Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports /

The Atlanta Hawks have got themselves a good one in Dejounte Murray. Yes, he did sound off on his old team, saying that the issues with the San Antonio Spurs are bigger than basketball. He may look back on that later in his career with a little bit of regret but let’s put that aside.

Murray was playing in the Crawsover Pro-Am where we saw some tremendous on-court chemistry with Trae Young and John Collins. It is very easy to see how Murray is going to impact this franchise in the coming season.

He has shown that he is not afraid to torment opponents in the Pro-Am, tapping the ball on his defender’s head before blowing right by him to score. However, despite these two things, Murray is a player who thinks of the fans and this will forever be part of his legacy.

The Atlanta Hawks have a good one in Dejounte Murray.

The thing is, Murray was more than happy to play the Crawsover, a Pro-Am in his hometown of Seattle. On top of that, he bought the talents of Young and Collins to the event. While they have certainly made a statement at the event, Murray made the biggest and best statement.

It is often said that actions speak louder than words but Murray has been loud with both playing in the Crawsover and also in his statement of looking after the fans. Now that he is an All-Star and is receiving the accolades that go with it, Murray could potentially forget all about the fans

However, as mentioned above, he believes that any players who are healthy should participate in Pro-Ams. Yes, their job is to play basketball but in order to inspire the next generation, but they need to be accessible to all of it, not just the ones who can afford tickets to a game.

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This is thinking which is going to fit in very well with the current thinking of the Hawks franchise which has been supplying meals to the less advantaged. This is something close to the heart of Murray who did not have an easy childhood.