Let us hope that the Atlanta Hawks don’t have sellers regret on this wing

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports /

The Atlanta Hawks made some moves to improve their franchise over the offseason. One of these moves was to send Kevin Huerter to the Sacramento Kings in exchange for Maurice Harkless, Justin Holiday, and a 2024 first-round draft pick.

While this appears to be a decent haul for Huerter, there is room to doubt this. The problem is that Huerter was a starter last season, even keeping Bogdan Bogdanovic out of the starting lineup when he came back from his second injury issue last season.

There were a couple of reasons why the trade made sense. Firstly, the Hawks got a first-round draft asset after giving up a large number of their own first-round picks in the Dejounte Murray trade. The second argument is that the Hawks got some solid perimeter defenders, an area where they struggled last season.

Did the Atlanta Hawks trade Kevin Huerter to save some future money?

The thing is that Huerter got an 11th-hour rookie contract extension last season. His $65.0 million over four years could possibly stand in the way of the Hawks re-signing Dejounte Murray. While the former member of the San Antonio Spurs looks likely to have a positive impact on the team, there is still a chance that the two parties will not gel.

However, now the Hawks need to replace the spare parts play of Huerter, Red Velvet gave the Hawks everything that they needed. Now there will be a large number of minutes available for the Hawks at the wing position and it will be interesting to see how they cover them.

The thing is though, video has emerged of Huerter working out in Sacramento and his stroke is looking smooth. When Huerter played well for the Hawks, connecting on open 3-point shots, the defense had to respect him. This meant that Young was double-teamed less, opening up the floor for the offensive maestro.

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There is a good chance that Huerter is going to be offered a different role with the Kings and this could mean that he breaks out. This means that if the Hawks struggle and the Kings succeed with Huerter’s help they will experience sellers’ regret. It is hard enough thinking about Huerter playing at a different franchise, it will be worse if the Hawks don’t have a good season.