Atlanta Hawks star squashes beef with Magic No. 1 pick

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports /

One storyline of the NBA preseason soap may in fact be over. Paolo Banchero and Dejounte Murray have called each other after the Atlanta Hawks star made the No. 1 pick look silly in a recent pro-am game.

Well the two of them created more interest when they both announced that they would be playing at the Crawsover pro-am again. This allowed for the rivalry between the two to be renewed. This was finally going to add some true interest to the Orlando Magic games, which is a crucial four-game series for the Hawks this season.

Unfortunately for the fans, the Crawsover was called off in the second period due to condensation on the court. However, this was not before the two players seemed to squash their beef, in a play that shows that sportsmanship is really important.

Atlanta Hawks star Dejounte Murray shows he is happy to squash the beef.

Banchero was looking to take on Murray in a one-on-one situation. Murray was defending Banchero hard which is the way that he plays. On the drive to the hoop, Banchero slips and falls to the floor, it was not that hard but he would have felt it.

If Murray wanted to prove more of a point to the rookie, he would have walked away or stepped over him. He did not do this. What he did was help him to his feet and give him a pat on the head. Banchero responded with a tap on Murray’s back, both players leaving the situation smiling. If you turn your sound up on the video you will hear the positive reaction from the crowd too.

While Murray has been calling people out this offseason, he is a good sport. It is amazing how one act of sportsmanship can repair almost any relationship. Murray has shown that his attitude and leadership are tough but he is not going out of his way to continue a beef that may hurt his new team.

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Murray says what he thinks, but more importantly, he backs up those words with actions. There has probably been some communication off the court between the pair and mature heads have prevailed.