3 goals for the Atlanta Hawks sharp shooter Bogdan Bogdanovic

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Atlanta Hawks
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Goals for Atlanta Hawks sharp-shooter Bogdan Bogdanovic No. 1) Win Sixth Man of the Year

It is likely that this goal is going to directly clash with that of Onyeka Okongwu to win this end-of-season award. Both players have a genuine shot at it but it is likely that Bogdanovic’s case is a little stronger than the big man’s

It is going to be important for Bogdanovic’s chances that the Hawks keep winning and also stay healthy. If either Young or Murray gets injured then the natural replacement for them as a start would be Bogdanovic. The Hawks don’t want him out of contention for this award based on the number of games started.

When he hits the court, Bogdanovic then needs to get back to his 2020-21 season form where he could not be stopped from beyond the arc after he came back from injury. If he can do this then he will space the floor so well for the Hawks that they will be so hard to beat.

Lastly, he needs to do is buy into the role. It cannot be for part of the season, Bogdanovic needs to own this status as the sixth man and also know that this will be his role for the majority of the season. If he does this then it is hard to see him not win the award.