Should the Atlanta Hawks be interested in Pistons player if waived?

Atlanta Hawks Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports /

The Atlanta Hawks have made some incredible moves on their roster this off-season. They were seen to have made one of the moves of the offseason when they only gave up Danilo Gallinari and draft capital to receive the All-Star talents of Dejounte Murray. This answered so many issues which were raised last season in just one trade.

They also moved Kevin Huerter and his long-term contract to the Sacramento Kings for two veterans on expiring deals. Both Justin Holiday and Maurice Harkless improve the Hawks’ wing defense and are both tradeable assets if their season does not go as planned.

However, they have two positions on their roster which may require some additional support. Depending on whether Jalen Johnson can develop, the Hawks may have left themselves thin at the power forward spot. Bleacher Report also noted that the Hawks are missing a quality veteran point guard. This is where the Detroit Pistons potentially waiving Kemba Walker may come in.

Should the Atlanta Hawks be interested in signing Kemba Walker if he is waived?

It is expected that the Detroit Pistons are likely to waive Walker prior to the season starting. Thanks to most of the teams in the league having completed their roster moves, there is very little money left to sign a player of Walker’s quality.

‘This could give the Hawks a tremendous third option at point guard if either Trae Young or Murray were not available. He is certainly still able to play if you remember back to Christmas Day when Walker managed to collect a triple-double against the Hawks.

If the Hawks could sign Walker then this could push them from near the top of the Eastern Conference into the contender category. His ability to control a game, but also come on and perform at a high level without much on-court time could be crucial in a long grind of a season.

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So, should the Atlanta Hawks sign Kemba Walker if he becomes an option? Absolutely, if he brings his true A-game to this team, he is worth the long shot at the veteran’s minimum.