What role will Atlanta Hawks two-way player Jarrett Culver have with CPS

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports /

The Atlanta Hawks have had such a good offseason when it comes to their wing position. Besides Bogdan Bogdanovic being sidelined for three months with knee surgery and Kevin Huerter being traded, the Hawks boosted their wing stocks.

They added Maurice Harkless and Justin Holiday to the quality of De’Andre Hunter who is the incumbent starter from last season. They also added rookies AJ Griffin and Tyrese Martin through the draft, who will both need to develop this season.

However, by far their best addition to the wing position was the All-Star Dejounte Murray who has certainly had an interesting offseason. The way that he is able to combine with Trae Young in the starting lineup will go a long way to determining whether the Hawks’ season is a success or not.

So where does newly signed Atlanta Hawks two-way player Jarrett  Culver fit?

As my fellow site expert, Josh Buckhalter pointed out, Jarrett Culver has been signed by the Hawks for his intangibles. He can impact a game without hitting the scoreboard. He is yet to show his true potential in this league, but the Hawks are hoping that he can develop with the College Park Skyhawks.

In a similar fashion to Trent Forrest, the Hawks appear to have made this signing to have an impact on the G League team the Skyhawks. There is hope that Culver will be able to develop into a serviceable rotation player by showing what he can do with the G League team.

The grind of an NBA season means that there will be an opportunity for Culver to make a few appearances with the varsity squad. When he is not there, he should line up as the regular starting off-guard with the Skyhawks.

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While Griffin and Martin have the chance to play in both teams, getting these two-way players the regular playing time. It is these four players who the Hawks want to develop this season. The fact that the Skyhawks are building with NBA-level talent, is a strong base for the varsity squad.