What is the biggest question mark for the Atlanta Hawks this season?

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports /

The Atlanta Hawks have had one of the most incredible offseasons in their history which is saying something. The 2020 offseason was enough to change the course of the franchise and yet, it is safe to say that this offseason was even better.

Last season there were media outlets around the NBA who suggested that the Hawks needed to get a second star and another player who could handle the ball. This was to help ease the pressure on Trae Young and the Hawks were able to accomplish this by trading for Dejounte Murray. He also has the added benefit of helping fix the Hawks’ broken perimeter defense.

Still, despite the Hawks getting the player who seems to have fixed their issues, there has been a number of NBA pundits who are really cautious about their chances. So, why is that? What is it that makes people still not believe in the Hawks? Zach Buckley from Bleacher Report takes a look at what is the main question facing the Hawks.

So, what does Zach Buckley believe is the biggest question for the Atlanta Hawks?

According to Buckley, the biggest question facing the Hawks this season is if there is a path to a championship with this roster. Did the Hawks do enough in the offseason with their trades to move to the top of the Eastern Conference which will make their path through the playoffs easier?

Given that they fixed both of their “major” issues with the Murray trade, why is it that the Hawks are still not in the conversation as contenders? They also fixed their glaringly bad defense from last season with further trades that bought Justin Holiday and Maurice Harkless into the squad.

Is it that people still underrate Young’s abilities, despite the fact that he led the Hawks to the Eastern Conference Finals just over 12 months ago? This team is even better than that one, so they should compete at a very high level. Yes, the conference is tougher but Murray alone should be enough to push them up the standings.

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In less than three weeks we are going to see the answer to this, and many other questions unfold before our eyes. If the answer to this is no, then the Hawks will have to deal with that over the next 12 months.