Should the Atlanta Hawks take a look at this OKC Thunder wing

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports /

The OKC Thunder have announced that wing Ty Jerome is not going to be participating in their training camp per Royce Young who works for the franchise. So, the question is, should the Atlanta Hawks take an interest in the soon-to-be former Thunder wing?

At the moment the Hawks are just over the luxury tax and they have one roster spot left to fill. While there is a chance that they will not fill this until the season starts if the right player came along then management would go further into the tax.

So, the question is, is Jerome the right player? As per every question in the NBA, the answer to this is quite complex and involves the future of the franchise beyond the season. Part of the answer is tied up in the De’Andre Hunter contract negotiations which have been too quiet for Hawks fans’ liking.

The Atlanta Hawks may need some insurance down the track.

If the Hawks and Hunter do not come to an agreement, and there is reportedly a $20 million gap between the two parties, then they will need to have a player who can help fill the void. So again, the question now must be asked, can Ty Jerome be that player?

While he plays the wing position, Jerome is two inches shorter and does not have the same ability on the defensive end of the floor. Nor is he a sure thing at the offensive end of the floor. His perimeter shooting was great two seasons ago when he went 42.6 percent from deep. Last season that dropped to 29.0 percent.

The next issue is that Jerome is due to receive $4.2 million for the upcoming season. For the Hawks to trade for Jerome they would need to give up some of their future players or one of the veterans that they bought to the club over the offseason.

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This would not be worth it for the Hawks as both Justin Holiday and Maurice Harkless were bought into the franchise to satisfy the Hawks’ off-season goals. It is unlikely that the Hawks would get the same positive result that they are hoping for with trading for Jerome.