Looking at the Atlanta Hawks promo calendar for the upcoming season

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports /

The Atlanta Hawks have released their promo calendar for the upcoming season and there are many games on there. However, it would have been good for the Hawks to be able to say that part of the calendar involved a Christmas Day game but the NBA did not schedule the Hawks for this prestigious day.

Nor did they schedule the Hawks a game in the rivalry week which is a shame and a lost opportunity. However, the Hawks have put together a really good promo calendar which will keep the excitement up for the year.

It starts on opening night which is October 19th, when the Hawks take on the Houston Rockets. Having a home opener is always special, especially one that they should win against the rebuilding Houston Rockets. Then they have children’s night four days later against the Charlotte Hornets on October 23rd..

The Atlanta Hawks have all the important nights covered.

Then, on the first night home from their five-game road trip, it is Devine 9 which is being celebrated. Then again four nights later the Hawks have Military appreciation night which is something very close to John Collins‘ heart. This is on November 9th.

The Hawks then have another kid’s night on November 19th when the Toronto Raptors come to town. This is the final promo night of 2022. However, there are some massive nights to come when the calendar ticks over to 2023.

The first of these is the MLK game where the Hawks host the Miami Heat on January 16th. They will be looking to ride their good MLK Day record to get themselves a win in this one. Then the Hawks host the Phoenix Suns on February 9th for their pride night.

Then on February 24th the Hawks the Cleveland Cavaliers on HBCU night. They wait a whole month until March 28th when they host the Cavaliers again for Hispanic heritage night. They then round out their season in the second last game, which is the final home matchup by hosting the Philadelphia 76ers on April 7th on fan appreciation night.

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While the Hawks’ television ratings have been down, their attendance is up from last season. Let us hope that all of these promo nights help the Hawks have the best record they can accomplish and get a good playoff seeding.