Atlanta Hawks player profile for the 2022-23 season: Justin Holiday

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports /

Justin Holiday has been a solid NBA journeyman for 9 years. He comes to the Atlanta Hawks with the expectation that he will be able to provide reliable three-point shooting/spacing on offense. While not an extremely great defender, Holiday can definitely hold his own on that side of the ball. Can he be the reliable bench player that he has been all his career for the Hawks this season?

Holiday goes into this season as the seventh or eighth man in the Hawks rotation. While he will probably get the same amount of minutes as his brother Aaron Holiday. It is honestly a toss-up between who gets more minutes. The journeyman started his career undrafted and was signed by the Sixers in the 2012-13 season.

He bounced around the league until he was able to find a stable part in the rotation for the 2016-17 Knicks. From there he has played for multiple squads but has always had a spot in the league. He earned and kept his spot in the league because he was a good 3-and-D player. Since landing on the Knicks in 16-17, he has played for the Bulls, Grizzles, Pacers, and Kings.

What can be expected of Justin Holiday for the Atlanta Hawks

He was traded from the Kings to the Hawks for Kevin Hurter. The Hawks also received a first-round pick in the deal. The Hawks made the move because they lacked some draft picks after trading for Dejounte Murray. Additionally, they had way too many players that required heavier minutes.

Justin Holiday is a free agent after this year. While the Hawks might not keep him due to future luxury tax concerns, I still think that Holiday has a couple of more years in the League before he doesn’t have enough skill to stay in the NBA.

On offense, I would expect him to be a solid shooter. While it is unlikely he will create offense on his own, he will provide necessary spacing during reserve minutes. Justin Holiday isn’t a great shooter or ball-handler, but you certainly have to respect him in those areas. He is a downgrade from Huerter as a shooter but still, he will do great in his role.

On defense, he will not be the primary defender in any matchup unless Hunter and Murray are out. I do think he will be solid on defense and hold his own against his matchup. Holiday will be a good wing defender for the Hawks this year, especially on the second unit.

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I don’t think that Holiday will be a difference in whether the Hawks make the actual playoffs or the play-in. I do think he will contribute to whether they will be successful this year. If Holiday is able to provide steady three-point shooting and defense, this team should be fine going into this season and should make the play-in.