Who are the Atlanta Hawks taking in the way too early mock draft

Atlanta Hawks. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
Atlanta Hawks. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /

The Atlanta Hawks have not even started the season yet and despite this, Bleacher Report has already released their way too early mock draft for the 2023 NBA draft. Now, before we look into any of the selections that the Hawks could make, there is an assumption that needs to be to be put into context.

The main assumption that Jonathan Wasserman of Bleacher Report has made is that the Hawks are going to finish in the middle of the pack. This is aligning with the tone of the rest of the scribes on B/R who are cautious in their assessment of the Hawks despite the major upgrades that they have made to their roster.

So with that in mind, Wasserman has the Hawks slated to get the 16th pick in this draft. This seems to the Hawks lot in life but at least they are not like the Orlando Magic were. The Hawks made a deep playoff run two seasons ago and look primed to do this again.

Who do the Atlanta Hawks take with this pick in the draft?

According to Wasserman, the Hawks look like they may select Dillon Mitchell, a freshman forward out of Texas. Wasserman lists him as a power forward but with his height being recorded at 6’7″ it is more likely that he will play on the wing, despite his chiseled physique.

While his handle and shot-making will need to improve, he is another player with speed, bounce, transition offense, and finishing that will certainly benefit the Hawks in the future. They currently have all that with John Collins but given the number of trade rumors surrounding the big man, there is always the possibility that the Hawks could groom Mitchell as a replacement.

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Of course, this discussion is a moot point if the Hawks have the season many Hawks supporters hope that they will. There is no way they can tank to get Victor Wembanyama or Scoot Henderson so it is time for the Hawks to push for another deep playoff run.