Looking at B/R’s boldest bet for the Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Larry Robinson-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Larry Robinson-USA TODAY Sports /

When the Atlanta Hawks traded for Dejounte Murray there were so many questions that were posed. How would two high-usage point guards play together? Would Young be willing to play off the ball more, using his shooting which is superior to Murray’s to create space on the floor?

Well, the preseason has started to answer some of those questions. Murray almost collected a triple-double in the first preseason game which also included nine assists. Young did have three assists in the game but the offense looked good with Murray running it.

These numbers are likely to go up and down all season but when the two are on the court together, expect Trae Young to play as the off-guard. On the times when he was in a catch-and-shoot situation from beyond the arc last season, Young hit 53 percent of them. That is a number that will have huge benefits for the Hawks’ offense this season.

The Atlanta Hawks will utilize Dejounte Murray’s playmaking ability

While Young led the league in total points and assists last season, he will not do this again with Murray beside him. To put it simply, Young is the better target of the two who will be able to keep defenders staying at home. This means that Bleacher Report is right in one regard, Murray should lead the Hawks in assists but he is unlikely to lead the league.

This is not to say that Young will not get plenty of assists for himself. There will be enough game time where he is the main playmaker where he will get his. On top of that defenses will be looking to try and shut down the backcourt which will open up the frontcourt players in the paint or from behind the 3-point line.

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To be honest, it does not matter how many assists either player is able to get individually. The ball is going to move with incredible pace for the Atlanta Hawks this season which should make the offense even harder to stop.