Hawks beat Bucks behind a classic Clint Capela game

Atlanta Hawks. (Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images)
Atlanta Hawks. (Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images) /

The Atlanta Hawks beat the Bucks, 121-106. Clint Capela had another double-double in this game. Deandre Hunter led the hawks in scoring with 24 points on 40% shooting from the floor.

The Milwaukee Bucks were led by Giannis Antetokounmpo, who scored 27 points on a poor 38% shooting.

The game started with the Hawks taking a small lead in the first. It stayed that way in the second as well. The floodgates opened in the third quarter when the Hawks went on an 11-0 run. While the Bucks made things interesting, they never really broke down the Hawks’ lead, as Atlanta would take the victory.

De’Andre Hunter had a pretty game. He made 2-of-3 threes of the night, as he provided the spacing needed for the victory. Along with his shooting,

He got to the line a lot. He ended up shooting 10 free throws and not missing one. This made up for his poor shooting inside the arc, as he shot 33% from within the three-point line.

Atlanta Hawks big man Clint Capela showcases his skills once again

Capela had a double-double. He had 19 rebounds and 10 points on an efficient 81% from the field. He controlled the boards in tonight’s victory. One example of this is a play where he was able to get an offensive rebound in the fourth quarter and then use the Hawks’ two elite ball-handlers to create pressure so he was able to be wide open in the paint.

For Capela, this was just another night at the office. All season, the big man has controlled the boards. He is averaging 12 rebounds per game, which is 3rd in the league. Capela has thrived in this offense as of late.

Ever since the last Bucks win on the 7th, he has been a lock for at least 15 points and 10-to-20 rebounds.

Bench struggled once again for the Hawks

Atlanta’s bench continues to struggle offensively, as AJ Griffin was the leading scorer off the bench with measly seven points. While it didn’t seem to matter in this one, bench scoring is still a concern for this hawks squad. Bogdan Bogdanovic will help with that, but considering it has been 14 games and Bogdanovic hasn’t played is a huge concern.

The injury has been listed as day-to-day, but it seems like at this point it’s week to week.

This bench needs the sixth man back. Hopefully, at some point, he can make his season debut for the Hawks.

What can Hawks fans take away from this game? 

This latest stretch of games has proven to me that the Hawks can compete with the top teams in the East. In October, I was worried about this team because they were barely beating bad teams and lost to good teams.

These last six games have changed my opinion on that. in the last six games, the Hawks have gone 4-2.

Yes, two of those wins have come against a Bucks team missing Khris Middleton but still this Hawks team is good. Yes, the bench scoring is worrisome, Trae Young hasn’t shot particularly well, and Bogdanovic still hasn’t returned. But this team is 9-5 and third in the east. While both Young and Dejounte Murray have had shooting troubles at times, the dynamic duo has worked.

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The Hawks end their two-game road trip and head home for a Wednesday matchup against the Boston Celtics at 7:30 on ESPN.