The Atlanta Hawks welcome second year shooting guard back into the fold

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports /

A.J. Lawson started the season with the College Park Skyhawks before signing a two-way deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves. He even played one game with the Timberwolves before they waived him earlier in the week. This means that rather than staying with the Iowa Wolves, he returned to the Atlanta Hawks fold.

Part of the reason for him to return is that he played his college ball in Georgia, but it also says that the Hawks organization is a good place for Lawson to be. The Canadian native played four games with the Skyhawks to start the season and is still leading the team with 22.3 points per game and 62.5 percent from the floor.

The Skyhawks were one of the hottest teams in the G League when he played at the start of the season. They went through a down patch when he left, despite signing the veteran Langston Galloway to fill the role that Lawson left.

How the Atlanta Hawks have made room with the College Park Skyhawks for A.J. Lawson.

The Skyhawks have decided to keep Galloway, which is a wise decision given the experience he s able to bring to the franchise. Instead, the Skyhawks chose to waive Ibi Watson. This is a  series of moves that certainly strengthens the Skyhawks.

Lawson is turning into the type of player that the Skyhawks can use to build their offense around. He is also the player who can help space the floor which can also free up the paint for Chris Silva to unleash his best hustle on the opposition which is such a hard style of play to stop.

The Skyhawks are one of the best teams in the Eastern zone, even though they lost Watson, who was their leading scorer for a good number of games. However, he is going to benefit from making an NBA court, even though it was only for a couple of minutes, as well as learning a new system when he played with the Wolves.

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Hopefully, he is able to slip back into the Skyhawks system in a way that does not hurt his, or the Skyhawks game as a whole. Watch this space though, welcoming Lawson back into the fold should make the Skyhawks an even more significant threat to win the G League this season.