Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young reveals new shoe in family photo shoot: Look

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports /

With a new year comes a new look for Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young.

On his feet, that is, as Young debuted the latest iteration of his signature shoe from Adidas that bears his name.

Just days after celebrating his first birthday, Young’s infant son, Tydus, starred in a family photoshoot alongside dad and grandpa, Rayford Young, showing off the new designs for the ‘Trae Young 3s’.

In a nice touch by Adidas, the three generations of Young men’s footprints were outlined on the outside of the box the shoes arrived in while the Hawks star’s daily affirmation, “Another day, another opportunity”, is printed on the inside of the lid. Fans will also notice that the shoes are in Hawks colors.

Adidas just released the Hawks colorway for the TY2s, so this could be a tease for something down the road if not one of the initial looks on release sometime in September.

Young, a two-time All-Star and back-to-back total assists leader, had teased the shoes in a previous social media post, though in that one they were blurred out in the several images in which he had them on his feet.

Those also looked to have been a different colorway entirely.

It’s probably not related in the least bit, but the shoes in the promo pick being Hawks colors could be a good sign amid speculation over Young’s Instagram profile being wiped clean of all references to the Hawks, a move that may or may not happen annually judging from the reaction from some fans.

Still, the Young 1s debuted in a red, white, and blue in an “Icee-inspired” look while he first wore an orange (Georgia peach) colorway in his playoff debut.

Young debuted his second installation during the Hawks tilt in Abu Dhabi versus the Milwaukee Bucks and released them in October. He also debuted a “Trae Young Unlimited” line that Pat Benson of Sports Illustrated notes is not a part of his signature line.

The first run of Young’s shoe was wildly popular and that doesn’t figure to change with these.

Trae Young solicits help from Atlanta Hawks fans

Fans have their chance to ask Young some of their questions after he tweeted out asking for their input on June 4.

One of the things Young said he set out to accomplish by launching his podcast was taking control of the narrative around him. As someone who has often played things close to the vest with the media, Young already shed some light on a few topics in the debut episode of the ‘From The Point’ podcast on June 1.

He clarified that he and former head coach Nate McMillan had a good relationship despite how things ended or what was said about them during their time together.

Young and McMillan were said to have been at odds over the former wanting to rehab over practice at one point, leading to Young missing a game – which in and of itself is not uncommon for injured players – and speculation over whose decision it was.

The sentiments echo the ones he shared in February when McMillan was fired.

“We’ve talked since then and had conversations and stuff like that,” Young told reporters in the aftermath of the news. “I got nothing but love and respect for Nate – the type of person he is and things like that. It’s not the last time me and him are going to talk…So that’s what I was expressing to him.”

Young sparked trade rumors with his appearance at the Western Conference Finals in LA., where he owns a residence.

He noted that he has attended several games in his career, adding that his childhood friend and Denver Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr. was playing in the series and he was showing up to support him.

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Future episodes are sure to offer further insight into the Hawks star’s perspective on a wide variety of topics.