Atlanta Hawks: Trade rumors and inspirations in the NBA

Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Larry Robinson-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Larry Robinson-USA TODAY Sports /
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Atlanta Hawks
Atlanta Hawks. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports /

The NBA offseason is always an exciting time for basketball fans, filled with trade rumors and potential moves that can reshape the league, and one team that has been at the center of trade talks recently is the Atlanta Hawks. With their young and talented roster, the Hawks have generated interest from other teams looking to make a splash in the trade market.

Let’s dive into the latest trade rumors surrounding the Atlanta Hawks and also explore the inspirations that drive their players to excel on the court.

The Pursuit of De’Andre Hunter

The Hawks have been a team on the rise, and their success in the 2021 NBA playoffs has only increased their value in the trade market. One trade rumor that has surfaced involves the Hawks’ forward, De’Andre Hunter. According to reports, the Indiana Pacers attempted to acquire Hunter during last year’s trade deadline. In exchange, the Pacers offered Chris Duarte and some draft capital. While the trade did not materialize, it highlights the interest other teams have in Hunter and the value he brings to the court.

Hunter finished the season on career-high averages across the board. He played a career-best 67 games and averaged 15.4 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 1.4 assists per game. Along with his already stellar defense and constantly evolving offensive game, he holds a lot of value as he is 25 years old, which means that his prime years are still ahead of him.

John Collins: The Subject of Trade Talks

Another player who has found himself amid trade discussions is John Collins. The talented forward has been a key contributor for the Atlanta Hawks, and his name has resurfaced in trade rumors. One potential trade partner for the Hawks is the Dallas Mavericks. Talks between the two teams have taken place, suggesting that a deal involving Collins could be on the horizon.

Collins’ athleticism and versatility make him an attractive target for teams looking to bolster their frontcourt. It’s safe to say that the former star is not playing like his former self.

This season, Collins averaged a disappointing 13 points and 6.5 rebounds. All averages are the lowest since his rookie season. While he is still on a max contract, his trade value has dipped significantly, and it may not be a surprise if the Hawks do not find a suitor for Collins.