Atlanta Hawks players who need to step up with John Collins gone

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Atlanta Hawks player to step up No. 2) Saddiq Bey.

The front-runner for the starting position vacated by Collins, Saddiq Bey is a good fit for the Hawks. While his defense is not his strong suit, Bey has the desirable ability to score in bunches at times. His ability to connect on the long ball has the effect of spacing the floor so that his All-Star caliber back-court can go to work.

Bey is going into a contract year and is playing for his financial future in the league. If he can fit into the Hawks system more comfortably than he did last season then this should push the Hawks up the standings and could mean that he is offered a contract to stay in Georgia.

At 6’7″, Bey is also a little undersized as a starting power forward but he is going to be playing alongside Clint Capela who is one of the best defenders in the league. If he can push his player into the right spots on the floor then that will be enough of that end of the court. It is offensively where Bey needs to be at his most dangerous.

In the 25 games that Bey played as a member of the Atlanta Hawks, Bey had his worst scoring average for his career with only 11.6 points per game. However, he had the best return from beyond the arc, shooting the long ball at 40.0 percent on 5.0 attempts per game. If he could up his scoring average while keeping the same percentage, he will help the Hawks no end.