Atlanta Hawks players who need to step up with John Collins gone

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Atlanta Hawks player to step up No. 3) Jalen Johnson.

When he was drafted, Jalen Johnson had the hallmarks of the heir apparent for Collins. He is a tremendous player in transition who can do a little bit of everything on the court. He has the chance to use his athleticism to become a strong weakside rim protector in the same light as Collins.

The problem with Johnson is that he is the unfinished gem, lacking the polish that is going to come as he continues his career in the league. He can pass, shoot, handle the ball, rebound, and protect the rim but just not at the level that he will get to.

If he starts over Bey then this could speed up his development to no end, Pitting his game against the best in the league at his position would benefit the team longer term. Unfortunately, this could also stop the Hawks from competing at the level they want, which is contending for a championship.

As such, Johnson should continue to come off the bench for the time being, and this will hopefully strengthen the second unit. The level that Johnson is able to develop will determine how much of the role that Collins being traded has made available.