5 Blockbuster offseason trade packages for Hawks' Trae Young

These five trade packages would be ideal if the Atlanta Hawks decided to move on from Trae Young this offseason.

Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young
Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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Proposed Trae Young trade lands Rockets’ Jalen Green, Fred VanVleet

There hasn’t been anything substantial linking Young to the Houston Rockets. The closest we have seen was a rumored interest from the opposition in re-acquiring Clint Capela. But Young was born some eight hours away in Lubbock and is a self-proclaimed “Texas kid”.

The Rockets, armed with several swap options and the Nets’ pick in addition to their own (at least swaps), can put together one of the more intriguing trade packages on this list.

Trae to Rockets 3

There are fewer draft picks in this hypothetical scenario because of Jalen Green’s inclusion.

The No. 2 overall pick of the 2021 draft, there have been questions about Green’s ability to lead a franchise despite his All-Rookie campaign. Houston even attempted to trade Green for Nets’ swingman Mikal Bridges, per Yahoo Sports’ Jake Fischer on February 5.

Green is averaging 18 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 3.4 assists this season. He is not a great shooter at just 30.7% from deep this season and 33.2% for his career.

He is still a dynamic, ascending guard who might also benefit from a change of scenery.

VanVleet’s an ideal trade target for the Hawks in this type of longshot scenario, allowing the Hawks to get another starting-level playmaker boasting a 16.5/8.2/3.7 line and slashing .409/.374/.859 on the season.

The final year (2025-26) of his three-year, $128 million contract is also a $44.9 million club option. That essentially makes him an expiring contract next season.

Would Houston be willing to give up those successive picks with their trove of assets?

They can’t control where they will fall. And they would still retain the swap options in other years, retaining some of their future flexibility as well. While arguably the most unlikely of the hypothetical scenarios presented here, this one might be the most mutually beneficial.