5 Moves GM Landry Fields must make to save the Hawks from a rebuild

The Hawks front office needs to get these things done.
Atlanta Hawks, Landry Fields
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2. Trade Dejounte Murray

Trae Young led the Hawks on a surprise run to the conference finals in 2021. After a disappointing first-round playoff exit in 2022, Atlanta traded for Murray. He was an All-Star in San Antonio, and the Hawks gave up Danilo Gallinari, three first-round draft picks, and a pick swap to get him. They dreamed of a star backcourt making them a title contender, but the pairing has not worked.

Young and Murray are in trade rumors, but Atlanta should keep one star guard. Young has been in the playoffs three times in six years, including advancing to the conference finals. Murray has made it three times in seven seasons, but only once when he played a significant postseason role.

Atlanta cannot let what they paid prevent them from moving on. The three first-round picks plus a swap are a sunk cost. Their focus must shift to improving their current roster. Putting defense-first players next to Trae Young seems like a better fit, especially if they plan to keep Bogdan Bogdanovic and Jalen Johnson.

Murray was shopped before the deadline, but the Hawks did not find a suitable deal. Teams have more to offer this summer, but the new spending rules restrict trades. Atlanta should take the best available offer and move on. Their roster should be built around Trae Young, Jalen Johnson, and the soon-to-be-selected number-one overall pick.