5 Moves GM Landry Fields must make to save the Hawks from a rebuild

The Hawks front office needs to get these things done.
Atlanta Hawks, Landry Fields
Atlanta Hawks, Landry Fields / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Nail number one overall pick

Nobody, not even the Hawks, expected Atlanta to jump to number one overall in the lottery. The franchise hoped to defeat the Bulls and win the final Play-In game to make the playoffs, but Coby White went for 42 to send Trae Young and company packing. Less than a month later, the Hawks got the top selection, despite the small odds.

The 2024 NBA Draft is considered weak at the top. There is no consensus number one overall pick and projecting the All-Stars from this class is difficult. It could turn out like the 2013 draft where the two best players were selected 15th and 27th overall. Anthony Bennett went number one overall and played just 151 games in the NBA.

Atlanta needs to hit on this selection to avoid a rebuild. Number one overall picks are a mixed bag. In the last 16 years, 11 top selections have become All-Stars. Victor Wembanyama was not counted, but his first All-Star appearance likely occurs in 2025. Bennett, Deandre Ayton, and Markelle Fultz are the biggest busts with Cade Cunningham joining the list as a non-All-Star.

Finding a star on a rookie contract sets the Atlanta Hawks up to make a quick push up the standings, but that only happens if they nail this selection. The pressure is on Landry Fields and the franchise to reconfigure the roster and return to the playoffs. There is work to be done, so stay tuned to see how it all plays out.