5 Best potential landing spots for Dejounte Murray if traded by the Hawks

If the Atlanta Hawks decide to trade Dejounte Murray this offseason, he should hope it is to one of these organizations.
Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray
Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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Hawks’ Dejounte Murray could get Suns organized

The Phoenix Suns boasted more offensive firepower than all but a few teams on paper with Devin Booker welcoming Kevin Durant and later Bradley Beal into the fold. But the Suns could only turn this season’s No. 6 seed into a first-round out in the playoffs.

The Suns lacked a table-setter that could get the ball to each of its stars while taking the pressure off of them to feed each other.

Phoenix ranked 12th in assists but left far too many opportunities on the floor.

Murray is not the typical floor general. But his driving ability would be a potent change-up from Booker and Durant’s more finesse-based games. He and Booker would also be one of the bigger backcourt duos in the NBA.

They could also share a lot of the ball-handling duties while Durant has proven he can blend into any style of play and produce.

Suns ownership has also proven willing to be aggressive in pursuit of a championship roster.

That being said, they have also depleted their assets to the point that their roster has some holes and depth issues. Still, good luck to any defender looking to take possessions off against an aggressive trio like Booker, Durant, and Murray.

Their gravity would open up driving lanes for Murray, who would draw in the defense and create kick-out opportunities.

Booker is also still just 27 years old, giving them a potentially extended window to contend.