5 best potential landing spots for Trae Young if traded by the Hawks

If the Atlanta Hawks decide they are moving on from Trae Young this offseason, these five destinations should be at the top of his list.
Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young
Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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4) Hawks' Trae Young was made for the bright lights of LaLa Land

Young was a star in Oklahoma before Atlanta. And he has always laid claim to his Texas roots. But his highlight-reel game is built for the bright lights of a major market. That’s not to say that he should leave the 404.

If he does, though, Los Angeles – specifically the Lakers – would be a fitting destination for Young.

His fit alongside LeBron James is questionable, though their positional difference could help.

However, Young’s fit with Anthony Davis would be among the more dangerous pick-and-roll combinations in the league. And like the other bigs mentioned before him, Davis’ defensive capabilities would do a lot to cover up Young’s deficiencies.

The rest of their roster is questionable, especially with how it might look following such a major trade. 

But the allure of Los Angeles has long been a talking point in free agency rumors.

Having Young in place might help marry that outlook with more encouraging long-term prospects on the court. That might mean more to free agents than living in the state, helping to field a suitable roster around Young.

The uncertainty keeps the Lakers from being the top landing spot. And Young’s recent split from Klutch Sports Group to rival CAA could mean the Lakers are even further down the list.

They still beat the Clippers for this spot due to the draft picks they can send in a potential deal.