1 Dream, 1 nightmare, and 1 realistic Hawks Trae Young trade after the draft

With the direction of the Atlanta Hawks still unclear, here are three ways trade speculation around Trae Young could play out.
Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young
Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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Hawks nightmare trade scenario sends Trae Young to proven winning culture

There have been ample links between Young and the Los Angeles Lakers who had talks with the Hawks about Murray – since the trade deadline in February. Young also has a residence in LA.

But his switch to CAA from Klutch Sports makes the Lakers a less likely landing spot, per The Athletic’s Jovan Buha. The real nightmare wouldn’t be in the Western Conference anyway.

The Hawks’ worst nightmare would be seeing Young thrive with the Miami Heat.

Trae to MIA

The Heat have a strong culture, something the Hawks are looking to establish themselves, though the former has been proven through many iterations and comes from a strong foundation thanks to team president and Hall of Famer Pat Riley.

Rozier and Robinson are solid role players that could have value in subsequent deals this offseason or at the deadline.

The draft capital in this scenario is far out and could fall in the latter stages of those drafts.

This deal would add $1.3 million to the Hawks' books. Factor in that this would signal a rebuild while Young would get a defensive infrastructure around him that properly takes advantage of his offensive prowess with a rival and this is clearly a scenario that should only happen in an alternate reality.

 The Hawks may still trade Young. But they should certainly target a stronger return and even a different trade partner than one like the Heat in this scenario.